• Luís Guerra Bau, Centro Universitario de Diseño - Universidad de Vic - Universidad Central de Cataluña




Our new issue of Inmaterial, design, art, and society, proposes a territory open to contemporary forms and practices carried out in the context academic institutions, giving space to address the methodological, formal, and technical aspects involved in design and art research. We see this formal and pragmatical format as a line of flight.

We see this issue as an open arena, including a multiplicity of exploratory territories based on practices, on experiences, on livings.

In this issue you will find a series of articles that explore different aspects of design thinking and practice in the present. This is our attempt. These contributions invite us to a slow reading, a reading that should move us “beyond calculation to thought” (Boulous, 2017: 16). We hope that our intentions will be sustained by this new line of thought, and we invite you to “wait for the dust of reading to settle” (Woolf: 1925, 266).


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Guerra, L. 2021. Editorial. INMATERIAL. Diseño, Arte y Sociedad. 6, 11 (jun. 2021), 4–23 p. DOI:https://doi.org/10.46516/inmaterial.v6.123.